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CloudCoin is a digital currency which uses RAIDA: Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents
CloudCoin is not a Blockchain based technology nor is it a fork of any other digital currency.
CloudCoin has the fastest transaction times of any digital currency; over 100,000/sec.
CloudCoin cannot be double-spent, mined or lost and is 100% private.
CloudCoin cannot be counterfeited, controlled, tracked or stolen.
CloudCoin requires no public ledgers, accounts, or encryption.

--- We accept requests for CloudCoin purchases from any country in the world. ---

To purchase CloudCoins, submit a request for purchase by clicking the link below:



The Incredible Digital Shuffle


What’s behind the hyper interest driving the world toward digital currency? Why are banks worried? Why are governments concerned? What are the implications for corporations? Why should you care?


Bitcoin & Blockchain Cryptocurrencies


What does the Bank of Canada say about Digital Currency?

To appreciate the power and value of Digital Currency, you need to understand what money really is.

According to the Bank of Canada...


Is CloudCoin legal in Canada?

Yes & No. As a digital currency, CloudCoin is not considered Legal Tender. However, CloudCoin falls under the category of digital currencies which is legal to use in Canada except when paying taxes. For tax purposes, CloudCoin must be calculated so as to represent the equivalent value of the fiat currency of Canada.


What does the Government of Canada say about digital currency?

Some governments are adverse to digital currency and have made or intend to make digital currencies illegal. Fortunately, the Government of Canada takes a different stance. They don't condone or discourage digital currencies. They just want you to be sure you know what you're dealing with. Moreover, they want you to clearly understand that you cannot pay your taxes with digital currencies.

This is what the Government of Canada has to say about it...

Give a Gift of CloudCoin

--- We accept requests for CloudCoin purchases from any country in the world. ---

Christmas / Hanakah / Weddings / Birthdays / Valentines / Thank You / Graduation / Promotions / Corporate Premiums & Bonuses / Anniversary / Mother's Day / Father's Day / Yourself / Etc.


$ 20 USD
  • per 500 CloudCoins
  • The Starter Stack is affordable and gives the user experience with how to handle, store and protect their CloudCoins. Great for young and old alike!
  • US 4¢/CloudCoin


$ 105 USD
  • per 3,000 CloudCoins
  • The Intermediate Stack is a more comprehensive commitment to CloudCoin and its potential for the serious inquisitor.
  • US 3.5¢/CloudCoin


$ 600 USD
  • per 20,000 CloudCoins
  • The Consumer Stack is for the confident early adopter of CloudCoin. This stack gives the user enough to actually begin using CloudCoins for trade.
  • US 3¢/CloudCoin


$ 1250 USD
  • per 50,000 CloudCoins
  • This package is for the committed first adoptor. Build your portfolio as you're able while prices are still affordable. Ask about volume purchases.
  • US 2.5¢/CloudCoin


The value of CloudCoin is negotiated between the buyer and seller. Generally $USDs are the basis of value because that is the country from which CloudCoin is generated. To buy CloudCoin from use the chart above. For different or greater amounts than what's posted, email us for a quote.

CloudCoin is not pegged to any particular commodity or currency. It's value is derived by the free market's perception of its value based on supply and demand. However, until all the CloudCoins are disbursed, they are generally valued in $USD. Once the last tranche is released, CloudCoins could become the currency against which all other currencies and commodities are benchmarked.

Milliseconds. Not only are CloudCoin transactions insanely fast, the RAIDA network can process up to 100,000 transactions per second.

RAIDA is the technology behind CloudCoin. RAIDA is an acromym for Redundant Array of Independant Detection Agents. The RAIDA network processes and verifies the validity and authenticity of a CloudCoin. Counterfiets are virtually impossible to pass through the RAIDA network.

Wherever merchants will accept them. A list will be compiled and posted as they become available. If you're a merchant and would like to accept CloudCoin, please contact us.

CloudCoin has the potential to be a very good investment. However, the whole purpose of CloudCoin is to become a global currency allowing individuals to do business both locally and internationally without the expense of service fees and exchange rates while keeping banks, corporations and governments out of an individual's personal affairs.

CloudCoin Consortium

The Consortium is made of individuals throughout the world who develop and test software, manage websites, plus market and promote the acceptance and use of CloudCoin. Many members of the consortium are anonymous so as to protect their identy. They are the sentinals that operate and manage the RAIDA Network.

The Consortium is governed by the members through consensus over the course of many, many meetings.

Information is being compiled and will be posted soon.

Information is being compiled and will be posted soon.

Information is being compiled and will be posted soon.

Information is being compiled and will be posted soon.


Total number of CloudCoins which have been digitally minted. CloudCoins are released in monthly traunches over a five year period. The first CloudCoins were issued March 1st, 2017.


CloudCoins are grouped in Notes and are comprised of the following denominations:
250s - 2,097,152 = 524,288,000
100s - 8,388,608 = 838,860,800
25s - 2,097,152 = 52,428,800
5s - 2,097,152 = 10,485,760
1s - 2,097,152 = 2,097,152


Number of CloudCoins that are currently in circulation. This number grows monthly and will until all the CloudCoins have been disbursed.

Become a Partner

The CloudCoin Consortium is currently searching for exchanges willing to process CloudCoins.
If you are a digital currency exchange, please contact us for more information.
The CloudCoin Consortium is also searching for both online and brick & morter merchants
interested in testing CloudCoin transaction software. If you are a merchant interested in accepting
CloudCoins as payment for your products or services, please contact us for more information.


Ask about CloudCoin info and purchases.

NOTE: We will never relinquish your email address to anyone - for any reason; even if they come with guns a blazin"! We recommend a separate secure email address, such as a free Protonmail account.

--- We accept requests for CloudCoin purchases from any country in the world. ---